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Mini Facial Massage Microcurrent Vibration

Mini Facial Massage Microcurrent Vibration

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1. Take out product, one end of the hand touches any part of the silver electroplating part, and the other end touches the skin, the red light turns on and starts to work (vibrate). When either end is separated from the silver surface, the product will automatically shut down without switch control.
2. The red light is on when the machine is working. The red light can penetrate deep into the skin pores to clean up deep dirt, and restore skin tenderness.
3. The product is highly practical and both sides can be used, can massage tiny places such as eyes and nose.
4. The appearance of the product is small and exquisite and easy to carry. It can massage the body anytime and anywhere to relieve stress: the product does not need to be charged, it will alarm when the battery is low, and it can be used again after replacing the battery. The new battery can be used continuously for 8 hours (hold the product in your left hand, turn the top cover counterclockwise, remove the battery, and replace it with 2 new batteries. Turn the top cover clockwise to tighten).

Host: height: 45mm/1.77in, length: 36mm/1.41in, height: 36mm/1.41in,
Packing: Height :69mm/2.71in, Length: 60mm/3.36in,
Packing width: 40mm/1.57in,
Packing weight: 35g/1.23oz,
host weight: 25g/0.88oz
voltage: 3V
Battery capacity: 200mAh
Standby power: 5uA
Power: 0.35 W
Material: ABS

Package Content:
1 x Mini Facial Massager

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