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Four-In-One Portable Makeup Brush

Four-In-One Portable Makeup Brush

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1. Each makeup brush is carefully made.
2. The brush set contains different fashionable design brushes, which are practical and can meet your basic needs for daily use.
3. Made of high-quality materials, strong and durable, it can provide good care for your skin.
4. Fashionable, attractive hair, not easy to scratch the skin, not easy to fall into the powder, not fade, not fall off, can be used for a long time.

Number of brushes: 1
Brush material: man-made fiber
Brush handle material: plastic
Brush handle specifications: portable
Hair length specification: 4.5cm
Total length specification: 18cm
Style A: Oblique blue brown brush head
Style B: oblique head blue and white brush head
Style C: Inclined pink and white brush head
Style D: Inclined pink brush head
Style E: round pink brush head
Style F: round head pink white brush head
Style G: round blue pink brush head

Package Content:

1 x makeup brush

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